Password Maker

How To Use Password Maker

The main page is divided to allow you to choose a password containing your choice of the following: all capital letters, a combination of capital and lower case letters, a combination of capital letters and numbers, all lower case letters, a combination of lower case letters and numbers, a combination of capital letters, lower case letters and numbers, or all numbers.

When you select one of these options you will be taken to a page to enter the length of the password you want, and whether you want special characters included in the password or not. The special characters which may be chosen are: !, @, $, %, &, ? and #. If you will want to enter your password on a keyboard, keep in mind what can be entered on that keyboard – you may not be able to enter a special character. Once you have entered the length of password you want, press either the "Yes" button to have the password contain special characters or the "No" button for a password without special characters on Android devices. On Apple devices enter the length of password you require, then use the slide switch to indicate whether you want to include special characters in the password. Press the "Generate Password" and as soon as you press the button your password will be generated.

Should you wish to copy and paste the resulting password use the "long click" on Android devices. On Apple devices use "double click" to bring up the copy/paste buttons.

Guidelines for strong passwords

The following is an extract from Wikipedia, presented here as a guide:

Strong passwords are typically harder to discover by intelligent guessing. Common guidelines advocated by proponents of software system security include:

And from

Note: The possible character set for a password can be constrained by different web sites or by the range of keyboards on which the password must be entered.

The passwords generated by this app are not a guarantee of security and are produced with no such guarantee either implied or actual. Both Wikipedia and, along with many more sites that specialize in security, can be accessed via the internet where you will find more information on the subject of passwords and security.

Password Maker is available on Google Play and from the App Store.

If you are viewing this page on your mobile device you can "click" on the appropriate button below and you will be taken to the page where you can view the store listing and download the app.

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