Minutes Count

When you open the app you will be presented with a page which will enable you to navigate the app.

Minutes Count is an app which will allow you to track any number of things and have them connected to a date. The app is set up to accept job name entries which are unique, therefore if you have two jobs that you would like to call "Fred", refer to one as "Fred", and the second one as "Fred1" for example. There is only one place in the app to delete a job name and is described below. There are a wide range of things which can be tracked using this app. You could for example track kilometers per day, be it on a bike, in a car, or on foot. You may be doing a job where you need to track material cost. Easy, create a job name, and every time material is purchased enter the information and connect it to the job name you created. At the end of the job push "View range of dates", enter the start and end date of the job, select the job name and you will have displayed the job name, all the dates you purchased material together with how much the amount of the purchase was, and you will also be given a total.

This page will enable you to create a job name which will be added to a list of job names. From this page you will be able to navigate to a page whhich displays the list of job names you have created. This is the only place in the app where you are able to delete a name from the list of job names. On Android devices this is done by a long click on the job name you wish to delete, after confirming the job name to be deleted the name and all the data connected with it will be deleted. On Apple devices swipe left, confirm the action, and as with the Android version the name and all data connected with the job name will be deleted. It should be noted this can not be reversed.

When you wish to enter a time to be connected with a date push this button and you will be taken to a page where you can enter a value you want to save. In the Android version you will be taken to a page where a date is displayed (by default the current date, in yyyy:mm:dd format) and a space to enter a value. You will also see a list of job names displayed, all you need to do is enter the value you wish to save, pick a job name to connect it to by clicking on the name, and press the save button. In the Apple version the process is much the same. Once you push this button you will be taken to a page which displays a list of job names, click on the one you want to connect the data you are entering to, you will be taken to a page displaying the date (by default the current date, in yyyy:mm:dd format) and a space to enter a value. Enter the value you wish to save and click the save button.

Pressing this button will take you to a page which will display all the job names you have created along with all the dates and values you have connected to them.

Pressing this button will take you to a page which will display the data for a job name you select from the list which you have created.

This page will allow you to view data for a range of dates and job name chosen by you. You will be asked to enter the start date (in yyyy:mm:dd format), and the end date (in yyyy:mm:dd format), and to pick a job name from the list you have created. Once this is done press the button to display the data and you will have the information displayed along with a total.

This page will give you information on how to use the app.

The app functions in a similar fashion on both Apple ™ and Android ™ devices. It should be noted that the app has been made available for both phones and tablets.

Minutes Count is available on Google Play and from the App Store.

If you are viewing this page on your mobile device you can "click" on the appropriate button below and you will be taken to the page where you can view the store listing and download the app.

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